Live broadcast: Paul Heremans
New electronics and its importance in the future world


Prof. Paul Heremans
Department director Large Area Electronics IMEC

Electronics has been the engine that drives not only computing, but also global wireless connectivity. We live today in a connected world. And yet, many more objects surrounding us could potentially be connected, when technologies are provided that allow to do this at the right cost point in the required volumes and with a flexible form factor. Flexible and printed electronics is precisely the technology that will offer that. By integrating electronic identification on packages, value paper, retail items, and so on, more and better information will be available, and this will lead to new services and new business models. Beyond identification, the new technology also allows to integrate thin-film sensors and display segments, leading to thin flexible sensor or display labels and patches. These will spur further innovative services related to food safety, anti-counterfeiting, product advertisement, health care, and so on. Indeed, this new form of electronics – flexible, organic, printed – is a fuel for innovation in the future world.


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