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October 16-18 #CreatingFuture Open Innovations Forum 2017


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Yossi Matias


Paul Misener


Dirk Ahlborn

JumpStarter Inc

Bas Lansdorp

Mars One

Aleksandr Galitskiy

Almaz Capital Partners

Anatoly Chubais


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Speakers 2017

Marvin Liao

500 Startups

Marvin Liao is a Partner in 500 Startups — one of the most famous startup accelerators in the world. Thanks to Marvin a lot of new companies have become key players of the world market.

Teemu Arina

Technology Visionary, Author, Biohacker

Teemu Arina is one of the forefront thinkers. He has authored the best-selling Biohacker’s Handbook – a knowledge book for optimizing health and wellbeing with technological and biological tools. Mr. Arina is the founder and curator of the Biohacker Summit, leading international conference for better living through science, technology and nature that attracts 1000+ attendees annually.

Danny Perekalsky


Dave Waiser


Gavin Hayman

Executive Director
Open Contracting Partnership

Gavin is the Executive Director of the Open Contracting Partnership, a silo-busting collaboration between governments, businesses, civil society and technologists, working to transform the world’s $9.5 trillion per year public procurement market through open data and smarter engagement. Spun out of the World Bank at the start of 2015, OCP across sectors and along the whole process of government contracting in over 25 countries to support reforms to save governments money and time, deliver better goods and services to citizens, prevent corruption, and create a better business environment for all.

Hiroshi Ishiguro

Professor, Director
Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories

His research interests include distributed sensor systems, interactive robotics, and android science. He has published more than 300 papers in major journals and conferences, such as Robotics Research and IEEE PAMI. On the other hand, he has developed many humanoids and androids, called Robovie, Repliee, Geminoid, Telenoid, and Elfoid. These robots have been reported many times by major media, such as Discovery channel, NHK, and BBC. sHe has also received the best humanoid award four times in RoboCup.

Moshe Vardi

Rice University

Moshe Y. Vardi is the George Distinguished Service Professor in Computational Engineering and Director of the Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology at Rice University. He is the author and co-author of over 500 papers, as well as two books. He is the recipient of several scientific awards, is a fellow of several societies and a member of several honorary academies, and he holds multiple honorary doctorates. He is a Senior Editor of Communications of the ACM, the premier publication in computing.

Vern Brownell

President and Chief Executive Officer
D-Wave Systems Inc.

Vern Brownell is President and CEO of D-Wave Systems Inc. Based in Burnaby, British Columbia, D-Wave is the leader in the development and delivery of quantum computing systems and software, and the world’s only commercial supplier of quantum computers.

Shinta Witoyo Dhanuwardoyo

Founder, CEO

Shinta is a tech industry veteran and trailblazer. Since the inception of her first company in 1996, the award-winning entrepreneur has impacted Indonesia’s digital landscape in countless ways. She has been recognized by Globe Asia as one of the «99 Most Powerful Women,» and she was named to the «Inspiring Women Honor Roll» by Forbes Indonesia Magazine. Shinta has worked tirelessly to advance technology in the region since founding Bubu. com and serving as the company’s CEO, a position she still holds.

Kirill Tatarinov

Former CEO

Kirill Tatarinov was most recently the President and Chief Executive Officer for Citrix Systems, Inc. — a US based technology company. He was also a member of the Board of Directors from January 2016 through July 2017. Under Tatarinov’s leadership, Citrix introduced new vision & strategy and dramatically advanced corporate culture focusing on innovation and transformation to the Cloud. During his tenure, the company achieved six quarters of continued operational improvement, generated shareholder returns exceeding fifty percent, revived core product growth and nurtured new Cloud initiatives and acquisitions.

Luciano Kay

The Institute for Social, Behavioral and Economic Research, University of California

Luciano Kay is researcher with The Institute for Social, Behavioral and Economic Research, University of California Santa Barbara, USA, and technology entrepreneur. His research projects investigate the potential of incentive prizes and grand challenges to induce innovation and the impact of emerging technologies such as nanotechnology and synthetic biology on industry and the economy. Luciano is also founder of InnovationPulse, a startup company that will revolutionize the emerging technologies research space with a new way of producing and sharing innovation analytics.

Why should you visit

The Open Innovations forum is the key international platform in Russia for discussing global tech trends, sharing experiences, and presenting the latest solutions.

Business meetings

The Open Innovations forum is the key international platform in Russia for discussing global tech trends, sharing experiences, and presenting the latest solutions.

Exhibition space

The basic principles of the exhibition space are:
— maximum concentration of tech solutions
— effective interaction of participants
— interactive expositions


19th of June

Digital technologies influence industries and companies, and the entire first day of the forum is devoted to the analysis of these changes. As part of the Cultural Program, we will discuss how cinema is changing. Modern technologies and methods of working with the spectator astound the imagination and justify the predictions of science fiction writers. With kinetic screens, AR and VR technology, 270-degree projections, pocket cameras, drone operators, laser projectors and the transmission of sensations to the brain, cinema reality is becoming more effective. New professions and economic standards are appearing in the industry. The discussion will feature the participation of cult representatives of the international film community. of the international film community.

8th of June

We believe that the entrepreneur is the hero of our time, so we are continuing to develop the theatrical project StartUp / StandUp that was presented to visitors of the Open Innovations forum last year. This is the development of a multi-part documentary performance based on the stories of Skolkovo residents that are destined to change the world and whose discoveries have occurred or are just about to. As part of the Cultural Program of last year’s forum, the playwright Valery Pecheikin, a laureate of the Debut Prize and a regular writer at the Gogol Centre theatre, adapted the text of in-depth interviews for a stage production. The audience saw excerpts from the biographies of the innovators Ilya Sachkov, Vitaly Ponomarev and Mikhail Lomonosov, staged by the young directors Talgat Batalov, Zhenya Berkovich and Yuri Muravitsky. To be continued: the names of this year’s heroes are still classified.

22nd of May

The amazing writer, columnist and brand-builder Simon Pont is going to visit us. Mr. Pont is the author of «The Better Mousetrap» and «Digital State,» popular science books about digital society and the state. Simon and his group of experts studied and evaluated the digital impact on our world and examined its possible consequences in the future. In the new realities of transparency, the digital world is open source, where everyone has instant access to resources and where there are no secrets. The digital state explores what it means for the world of consumption and how this openness interacts with business. What will flourish most of all in this new era? This and much more can be discussed with Mr. Pont within his talk during the Cultural Program of the forum. In the meantime, you can learn more about Simon on his website, www. Simonpont. com or on Twitter: @SimonPont.