About the forum

The annual Open Innovations Forum has been held in Moscow since 2012 under the aegis of the Government of the Russian Federation and is considered to be a unique discussion platform for participants in the development of innovation ecosystem.

The Forum’s main goal is to develop and commercialize new technologies, promote global tech brands and create new tools for international cooperation in innovation. The program includes plenary sessions and themed sessions, an exhibition, educational events, seminars and master classes, innovative shows, business meetings and, of course, informal networking.

This year the key event on the development of technology entrepreneurship will be held from October 19 till October 21 in a new phygital format, and now everyone can choose the most convenient option for participation.

The key topic at the Forum will be the Post-COVID world order: we will discuss how our understanding of technological priorities has been transformed under the influence of an external threat, can we change and do we have a chance.

Audience and purpose of visit


Search for partners from the hi-tech sector to gain knowledge about: emerging markets and new models of company development, diversifying activities, and supporting cooperation with the ecosystem and the state.


Exchange experience with successful global funds, refresh knowledge of breakthrough technology markets, expand project pipelines and establish connections with big business.


Penetrate the core of next-generation technologies, review the possibilities of the ecosystem and advanced tools to launch the company and increase sales, interact with investors and big business

Innovations ecosystem

Exchange experience and cases of «growing» entrepreneurs, the globalization of startups, the mechanics of the global venture market, involvement in the international innovation and acceleration community


Identification of new needs in the field of innovative technologies, development of state programs to support innovations, stimulation and strengthening of innovation activities

Science and education

Insight into new generation technologies, an overview of the ecosystem’s capabilities and advanced tools for launching a company and increasing sales, interacting with investors and big business