KAZAN, October 19 14:15 — 15:30

Pandemic and impact on society, digitalization+isolation, new forms of communication

During the lockdown, digital technologies became a ‘silver bullet’ for many people - remote jobs, remote education, telemedicine, digital services. Online environment was not only a tool, but rather a real space to live and work in. However, the society has passed through significant transformation during the last 6 months, and so has the attitude towards digital technologies. This transformation does not necessarily mean that digital technologies are now more accepted by broad public; quite contrary, new phobias and mass conspiracy theories have emerged. Another digitalization challenge is alignment of remote and virtual formats, as well as low degree of readiness of common organizations to use digital technologies One of the key issues to be discussed at the session will be the presentation of the results of an MSU’s study ordered by RVC JSC. The subject of the study was to investigate what people in Russia think of the emerging technologies during the pandemic.

  • What are they afraid of? What are their apprehensions about the technology break-through?
  • How does the society adapt to the new digital reality?
  • How can effective communications be built in the new environment of human interaction?