AMALTEA, October 19 17:00 — 17:45

The adaptability of enterprises and individuals, from the collective to the individual. Processes and conditions, effective approaches in a new reality

The pandemics has been a powerful enabler for innovations. Social distancing technologies which were highly popular during the COVID-19 outbreak, are still the hottest new trend. The pandemics has also introduced some changes into the overall concept of state-initiated support measures for technology-based enterprises. Among today’s priorities are the support for the national digital services which make it possible to improve the quality of online experience and ensure social distancing.

  • Which technological solutions were used to help the industries, regions and the society in general under total quarantine conditions?
  • What problems and challenges associated with social distancing during the pandemics were encountered by the technology solution providers?
  • Will the digital services change today’s way of life and what will this ‘remotely functioning’ world look like?