TRANSFORMER, October 19 12:15 — 13:00

Comfortable urban environment, culture, safety, accessibility, space for human life

The corporate culture and organization of office space underwent tremendous changes during the pandemic. The classic work mode has been replaced by the ability to work remotely, as well as shift work. If earlier it was a privilege, now it has become a necessity. In a remote work format, there are not only advantages, but also disadvantages - the lack of a work space at home, psychological stress, and a lack of live and informal communication. Business is driven by people, they need to exchange information and ideas, light up and inspire. Not only self-realization is important, but also a well-coordinated professional team.

  • What does a hybrid of a real and virtual office look like?
  • How to create a comfortable virtual atmosphere for employees?
  • What does the ideal workplace look like in the new reality?