AMALTEA, October 19 18:45 — 19:30

The adaptability of enterprises and individuals, from the collective to the individual. Processes and conditions, effective approaches in a new reality

In the modern world the career marketplace is developing so rapidly that it is now more important to have a whole range of different skills, rather than a single specialization. What skills can schools teach, that pupils will be sure to need when it comes to looking for employment? How can a school help pupils find the right way forward, both in terms of personal development and career growth?
Using examples of edutainment projects developed in partnership with real companies, experts will describe how, starting from middle school, pupils are gaining a competitive edge that will make them sought-after employees in the future economy.

Case studies:

  • Skolkovo School Projects Lab - an accelerator of entrepreneurial initiatives created by the Department of Urban Environment of the Skolkovo Foundation
  • Wildberries Design and Business Academy - a practical course at the International Gymnasium of the Skolkovo Innovation Center about launching your own clothing brand
  • Yummy United Children's Board of Directors
  • Hackathon: how teachers and students from all over Russia independently created VR applications based on Varwin
  • The experience of the startup – how on an educational platform, in addition to an electronic journal and a diary, launch special projects for schoolchildren with the involvement of partners from real industries