ATRIUM, October 20 14:15 — 15:25

Post-crisis checkup. How have different business sectors changed in 2020?

What will a rebooted economy look like to a technologically-minded entrepreneur?
This unexpected pandemic has turned everything in today’s world upside down. Recognized technological leaders have, as yet, been unable to find a way to protect humanity from this new virus and the governments of even the most developed countries are struggling to find a balance between economic development and public health.

But every storm must end some time, and it is important to keep our energy, resources and determination from draining away if we are want to be able to jump into action a critical second before our competitors.

● How will we this crisis end? And how long will it take?
● Which region will lead global innovation and provide a solution to the serious problems facing society in the 2020s?
● What technological sectors will drive global growth after the pandemic?