KAZAN, October 20 15:40 — 16:45

Business and the government in the new reality

According to IDC, the spread of the COVID-19 will lead to an explosive increase in spending of AI worldwide.
Digital transformation has accelerated several-fold, and it is AI technology that helps businesses remain more flexible and competitive.

Artificial Intelligence can also play an important role in helping companies and society to deal with large-scale problems caused by the COVID-19 restrictions. All public sectors are expected an increase in AI investments. A shortage of employees and supply chain failures will lead to the need of automatization of all production processes.

The AI development strategy and the Federal Project are designed to change the development strategy of the entire Russian economy and economy of many countries.

● What should we pay attention to working on such large-scale issues?
● What is the role of AI development in a post-pandemic world?
● Should artificial intelligence be reinterpreted as advanced «intelligence», oriented at a human-centered model of partnership between human beings and artificial intelligence, working together to improve cognitive functions?