KAZAN, October 20 17:00 — 18:15

Business and the government in the new reality

The first wave of digital transformation resulted in a large number of digital «unicorns»: companies operating exclusively in (or at least heavily dependent on) the digital realm, such as Amazon, Apple and Google. These could also be called «born digital» companies.

But what next? Obviously no-one can live only in the digital world, and there is a great deal of demand for Digital+Physical solutions, in which digital technologies are used to improve physical items and products, or when manufacturing companies in the physical sector of the economy grow thanks to digitalization, for example by introducing sensors, new software or digital business management models.

The crisis that unfolded on many fronts in 2020 has shown that those second wave companies which have been able to digitize their operations to the maximum possible extent have a clear advantage. They suffered less serious losses, and some of them have been able to profit from the biological threat and the resulting self-isolation regimes. Does this mean that digitalization has been successfully «tested on the field»? What form will the third wave of digitalization take?