AMALTEA, October 20 10:00 — 11:00

Stimulation of innovation activity, development of state digital programs, regulation in crisis situations

The scale and pace of the healthcare sector transformation, caused by both technological development and challenges facing the healthcare system, make society, government and business rethink the previously established rules of interaction. People put forward new requirements for the quality of medical care, its availability and technology, which, as a result, should increase the duration and quality of life. In Russia, this indicator is registered as a goal of the Healthcare national project and is one of the priority development direction. But how can this goal be achieved?

In recent years, the world of biotechnology has introduced many innovative solutions in the field of genetics, the use of cellular technologies, genome editing, bioprinting and personalized medicine. The industry has not stayed on the sidelines from global digitalization, artificial intelligence is actively being used to analyze patient data and develop new medicines, the healthcare system and the paradigm of doctor-patient relationships are being transformed, increasing the availability of medical care and its quality.

● What technologies can drive positive changes in the healthcare system?
● How will the system change?
● What new business models are emerging in the field of medicine due to technologies?
● How to set up interaction between technology companies and the healthcare system?
● What measures should be taken to ensure the flow of new ideas, inventions and products that are globally competitive and created in Russia?
● What has changed in the healthcare market due to the pandemic?