TRANSFORMER, October 20 14:00 — 15:00

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The peak of the first wave of COVID-19 has passed, but the final victory is far. At this stage, the focus is on the development of vaccines and antiviral drugs. Speed of implementation, efficiency and minimization of side effects are equally important. Systematization of data on symptoms, clinical course and patient profile with the widest possible access for professional communities is a must have in a new reality.

And here we can’t do without the MedTech market, especially without some of its developments. By 2027, the global healthcare data storage market, according to Western experts, will increase to $9 billion, compared with $2.4 billion at the end of 2018. Within the context of the pandemic, these figures are interesting not only for the growth rate (+275% over nine years). What is significantly more important is how fast the speed of Big Data exchange in the field of medicine will increase between niche clusters, and how secure and legitimate the digital infrastructure will be.

● MedTech as a driver for the development of the world's healthcare system after the pandemic
● How does digitalization of medical data affect the cost and speed of scientific development?
● Are there any problems in data exchange between government agencies and pharmaceutical companies?
● How do different niches of the health industry interact?