ATRIUM, October 20 16:40 — 17:25

Post-crisis checkup. How have different business sectors changed in 2020?

Retail was among the firsts who faced the economic hit of the pandemic. Closed stores, arguing about rental holidays, new working conditions with suppliers, strict requirements for compliance with security measures required changes in business models. How did retailers, so quickly appeared at the forefront of challenges, adapt to the new requirements of customers, suppliers and the state?

We will discuss how the food sector coped with periods of high demand and did not allow a shortage of goods, and non-food retail managed to turn online into the main sales channel in the shortest possible time. And we will try to understand how new work models help companies bravely look ahead.


● How did retailers, from small businesses to international chains, face the pandemic? What were the companies not prepared for?
● Survival tools: what did companies do to save their business? And where were looking for resources?
● The role of the state support in overcoming the crisis.
● How does online help you hold customers? And may food retail be called a beneficiary of the crisis?
● Retail before and after. What are we not going back to? And how will retail enter the new post-crisis world?