TRANSFORMER, October 20 10:00 — 11:30

New models of companies development, innovation ecosystem, international investment community

In June 2018, President MOON Jae-In (of the Republic) of Korea made a 3-day State visit to Russia and had two summit meetings with President Vladimir Putin of Russia

12 MoU’s were signed between the two countries during this historic State visit including one, in particular, that calls for the expansion of our own organization, KORUSTEC, and the establishment of a Korea-Russia Innovation Platform which will facilitate the exchange of scientific information and experts as well as support collaboration between startups and venture companies of both countries) – the engines of job creation.

A roundtable discussion will examine new opportunities for development and cooperation between startups and tech businesses with support from the Korea-Russia Joint Innovation Platform backed by both Governments. Our guest speakers represent leading support institutions and technology funds from both countries, i.e. KORUSTEC, Skolkovo Foundation, KISED, WECO, Hyundai Motor CIS, RVC, KRIC, VEB Ventures, Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, NIPA, KOTRA and TIPA.

Expanding the Role of the Joint Innovation Platform - What’s next?

● What is the one thing that you think is the most necessary for expanding Korea-Russia innovation cooperation, at this moment?
● Difficulties and solutions when companies are entering from Korea to Russia, Russia to Korea
● Difficulties and solutions in technical cooperation between Korea and Russia
● Russian technology companies’ current interest in entering Korean market
● Benefits and support that can be provided after entering the Korean/Russian markets
● How to support business cooperation between Korea and Russia in a state where human exchange is suspended because of the pandemic