TRANSFORMER, October 20 16:30 — 17:15

New models of companies development, innovation ecosystem, international investment community

The global crisis caused by the pandemic has dramatically changed the forecasts of most markets’ development. The venture capital market is no exception. There was a certain stagnation during the pandemic in the Russian venture capital market and in other industries. Still, there were deals involving Russian funds and domestic startups. Many predicted that after the end of the pandemic venture capital investors would become more likely to invest in companies that organize remote business processes, financial and medical technologies, as well as online trading.

Let's talk about how the pandemic has affected the venture capital market and the development of technologies. How do funds work now and what do they bet on? How companies should react and what they should consider firstly if they want to attract investments?


● How do venture funds work in the post-quarantine period, how does the work differ?
● How has the focus been changing before, after and during the pandemic?
● Where the investment market has shifted, and what projects / technologies are a priority now. How has the technology market changed? Who/how/where do continue to keep investing?
● New projects or work with a current portfolio? Has the pandemic affected the strategy?
● What will venture capital investments look like in a year, two or five? Whether there will be a "rollback" in a favor of previous priorities.
● What should companies consider in the current environment, what to bet on, and how to attract investments?