CAPSULE, October 20 15:00 — 16:00

Promotion of innovation, development of state digital programs, regulation in crisis situations

According to Vinci Research, an analytical division of the PR Agency Vinci Agency, in 2019, the volume of the GovTech industry (digital technologies in government activities) amounted to $400 billion. 48% comes from the United States and Canada, 27% from the European Union, 12% from the Asian region. The digitalization of state management is a challenge for today.

The digital work environment is connected with employees satisfaction, retention and engagement, but government agencies are currently lagging behind other industries in digitalization. Self-managed teams need training, technology and autonomy to work on digital transformation initiatives.

● What is the forecast for the development of the GovTech market in 2020-2022?
● Will technology change the interaction between citizens and the state? Can business and government institutions work together to ensure mutual interests, and what successful practices already exist?
● How will the Russian e-government platform GovTech develop?