KAZAN, October 21 11:15 — 12:30

Laws of technology development in the post-covid world. How have requests and priorities changed, and what do we call new normal today?

Today there is a lot of global review of the underlying technology and business models. Before the pandemic business could develop according to the worked out roadmap, now the new reality requires companies that do not want to enter a technological deadlock to adapt ASAP. Companies are addressing business and chain disruption risks, dramatic changes in productivity and unprecedented safety threats. In addition, the pandemic forces us to reconsider values, habits and consumption patterns, many of which we may not return to. Technologies are also being revised from the point of view of their promising use for solving the global challenges facing humanity, as well as the barriers that they must overcome in their development.

• Identifying promising technology and what global problem/challenge can its development solve?
• How do technologies in different interpretations contribute to adapting to a new reality?
• What technological barriers stand in the way of technology development?
• What new inquiry does the post-Covid world give to the technological agenda?
• What technologies have come to the forefront? Pivot of technology directions. Which direction should we go?