KAZAN, October 21 17:15 — 18:30

Laws of technology development in the post-covid world. How have requests and priorities changed, and what do we call new normal today?

Artificial intelligence is a living organism. Algorithms are trained on data and their task is to respond to changes, but what to do when the world is transforming too dramatic, as in a period of the pandemic and restrictions, when a system trained on ordinary time data is suddenly forced to adapt to the data that a new reality generates. Is the algorithm capable of doing this on its own or does it require human intervention?

On the other hand, each crisis is an opportunity for AI developers to retrain the system on data that is not typical for normal time, in order to make the algorithm stable and able to make accurate decisions in an unstable environment.


  • How has digital and AI adoption accelerated in response to COVID-19?
  • What new tools and solutions are emerging on the market to simplify the implementation of digital solutions and AI?
  • How did the AI models cope with abrupt / unprecedented changes in input parameters (macroeconomic indicators, behavioral indicators of people and companies, etc.)? What needs to be done to adapt the models to such drastic changes?