ATRIUM, October 21 17:00 — 17:55

New old trends in technology. What will help you adapt to the new reality?

The current economic and epidemic situations have given a powerful kick to the acceleration of digitalization and, in particular, robotization. Accenture in its TechVision 2020 review named robotization as one of the key trends in technology development. According to the EY survey, more than 40% of respondents said that they are actively investing in robotization and automation of their business right now, because “they are preparing for the post-crisis world."

The pandemic has shown the degree of dependence from the human factor, forcing many, not only to reconsider their attitude towards robotics, elements of which could have been introduced before the spread of COVID-19, but also to see new opportunities for use.

  • Can we say that the use of robotics and deserted technologies in the post-COVID world will become a pillar of efficiency and sustainability?
  • In what new areas has robotics found its application?
  • What Russian and foreign developments are being used today?