AMALTEA, October 21 17:45 — 18:45

Technologies improving the quality of human life and the environment, where he lives and develops.

Dialogue about the future of smart transport, the transportation system and the evolution of mobility has long been conducted by participants in the international automotive industry and related industries. However, as predicted by industry experts, the implementation of autopilots today is most dynamic in areas such as agriculture and rail transport. And there are reasons for this. When can we expect the era of self-driving cars and electric vehicles to come? The programs built into cars are already learning to analyze the situation on the road and prevent accidents. But what's next for us? How does the pandemic affect the development of areas of smart transport?


• In what areas are AI-based transport control systems being implemented most dynamically?
• What technologies related to smart transport management, security, customer service will determine the future of the industry?
• What high-tech solutions allow today to talk about a car as a smart gadget?
• What technological barriers do manufacturers need to overcome?
• How has the pandemic influenced the direction of AI for vehicles and mobility trends? Should we expect a sharp jump in the popularity of private cars and a rethinking of the principle of Mobility as a Service?