CAPSULE, October 20 11:10 — 11:55

Promotion of innovation, development of state digital programs, regulation in crisis situations

As a result of the spread of the new coronavirus, life around the world has changed dramatically. The business sector has been affected as well. Japanese companies have also felt these changes: the "pre-coronavirus" approach to doing business is becoming irrelevant, and it is necessary to learn to live and work in the "new normal". In particular, a major review of the use of information technology in many industries is required.
So, recently, the approach to the application of various innovative technologies among Japanese companies is becoming more broad and open, which is based on the desire to cooperate not only within Japan, but also with other countries. At this session, we will present the latest "post-coronavirus" trends in Japan in the field of open innovation and consider opportunities for new areas of cooperation between Japan and Russia in this area.