CAPSULE, October 20 17:30 — 18:00

Promotion of innovation, development of state digital programs, regulation in crisis situations

As part of the Open Innovations forum, the Skolkovo Foundation's biomedical cluster, Bayer, and the Skolkovo intellectual property Center will hold the final of the third competitive selection of biotechnological startups, Patents Power 2020, since the project was launched in 2018.
The main goal of the competition is the search for promising innovative projects with a high potential in protecting intellectual property.
In the competition's final, 10 startups will present their projects in the field of cardiology, oncology, gynecology and ophthalmology, as well as innovative projects in digital healthcare, medical solutions for a healthy lifestyle, improving the quality of life and active longevity.
Bayer will provide grants in the amount of 700 thousand rubles to the three winners selected by the expert jury.
Bayer will also provide the winning teams with expertise in research and development, development of innovative solutions, and intellectual property protection.
At the same time, the specialists of the Skolkovo intellectual property Center will assist the winners in checking the world's novelty and patentability, as well as in preparing an intellectual property protection strategy, if the winning teams wish.
For more information about the competitive selection, please visit the program's website: