CAPSULE, October 20 10:00 — 11:00

Promotion of innovation, development of state digital programs, regulation in crisis situations

Advent of digital age resulted in a fundamental shift in the world economy which was accompanied not only by the penetration of innovations in daily life, but also the growing share of information and communication technologies in GDP. At the same time, 75% of the world's largest cities are growing faster than their economies. Economic challenges and emerging megatrends are forcing regions to search for the new ways of development that allow them to create high-performance jobs, transform the education models, increase the share of innovative enterprises, and improve the standard of living and comfort of citizens.
Addressing these challenges through digital transformation requires choosing the right strategy in combination with infrastructure and technology tools.

• How to stimulate innovations production in а region? Why do we need regional technology parks and venture funds, and what is the role of local corporations and educational systems?

• How can a region properly use external innovations for its own digitalization? Can it become a support for local GDP growth, retaining the best personnel, and improving the efficiency of public administration?

• How can the national “Digital Economy” project be integrated into region's innovation strategy, and what resources are needed to turn the region into both a producer and consumer of innovations?