AMALTEA, October 20 15:15 — 16:00

Stimulation of innovation activity, development of state digital programs, regulation in crisis situations

During the pandemic the process of digitalization in consumer markets is fastering and competition is increasing. At the same time, digital companies are actively extending their expansion into the physical world, and traditional companies, realizing the threats of digital reality and a new client, are striving to become significant players in virtual reality. Both traditional and digital companies target the same customer, relying on their strengths and competencies, and sometimes join forces to super-synthesize the physical infrastructure and the best digital solutions on the market.

● Who has the best chance of success: the digital-birth ones or the rapidly digitizing ones? How will the competition for a digital client end?
● Should platforms compete or complement each other based on common standards?
● Is it possible for companies to mutually share physical and digital infrastructure?
● Who will be the first who creates superapp?
● What will be the architecture of industry markets in 10 years and how can Russian companies not lose their place on the digital map?