TRANSFORMER, October 19 16:00 — 16:45

Comfortable urban environment, culture, safety, accessibility, space for human life

The formation of a high-quality and attractive urban environment stimulates the development of not only the construction industry, but also significantly expands the introduction of innovative technologies in it. New technologies not only change the life of the city and the people in it, but also create opportunities for new high-tech businesses. As part of the session, participants in the real estate market will discuss the role of business in creating a comfortable and safe urban environment. In addition, the agenda includes discussion of new mechanisms for interaction between industry leaders and innovative developers and startups.

• Innovative directions for the development of urban infrastructure projects and the integrated development of territories to improve the quality of life of citizens.
• The formula of a comfortable city: safety, convenience, social distancing. What has changed during the pandemic? What new technologies will be introduced?
• Innovative solutions for organizing workspaces and medical services in residential buildings. Will the trend continue or end as a temporary phenomenon during the quarantine period?
• Multifunctionality of urban spaces: education, sports and interesting leisure for the whole family. What additional opportunities open up for an innovative business?