AMALTEA, October 20 13:00 — 13:50

Stimulation of innovation activity, development of state digital programs, regulation in crisis situations

Currently the ‘open innovation’ model is developing rapidly in the world economy corporate segment. This model comprehends a wide range of cooperation channels such as: collaboration with outer innovation network, including universities, research organizations, small innovation businesses, tech companies and others.
In order to implement the ‘open innovation’ paradigm in practice, it is necessary to arrange special tools for searching and attracting of external competencies to solve companies’ scientific and technical tasks. First of all the needed competences should be attracted in those areas where the company has no expertise, for instance if the area is innovative or absolutely new.
It is highly important to manage the search for scientific and technical tasks (or problems) solutions attracting external competencies. The search is provided by the task-setting and request making for external innovations.
The invited speakers from the State Corporation ‘Rostec’ and JSC ‘United engine corporation’ will share their experience in developing and implementation of the requests for external innovations system.