KAZAN, October 20 13:15 — 13:45

Business and the government in the new reality

For people all over the planet, the Сovid crisis is a deeply personal experience and virtually nothing in our world will remain untouched!

While some technologies have been throttled back, many others have shifted into a new gear. Suddenly the sharing economy is bad. Stadiums are bad. In-person events, airports, crowded expos, parades, professional sports, movies, and comedy clubs have all been touched by the social distancing wand of disapproval.

At the same time, certain technologies are moving exponentially faster. Electric cars, sensor technology, autonomous transportation, drones, delivery bots, CRISPR, lab-grown meats, and quantum computing have all shifted into an entirely new gear.

  1. This will be the most expensive crisis in human history!
  2. We are experiencing the biggest job transition in all history!
  3. “Contact phobia” will permeate our thinking for generations!
  4. Working remote is here to stay!
  5. Universities are struggling! Roughly 50% will close by 2030!
  6. Covid-19 will become the greatest source of conspiracy theories in all history!
  7. Electric vehicle sales exploding, and the internal combustion engines will end production in 2025!
  8. Lab-grown meat production facilities will be common in 2025!
  9. Driverless technology will be the most disruptive in all history
  10. By 2030 the largest company on the Internet will be an education-based company that we haven’t heard of yet!

The human race has an unwritten mandate to pass its knowledge from one generation to the next. However, the tools we have today are not up for the task. In their present form, libraries are not good enough, colleges are not fast enough, and technology still has a poor interface for the human mind.
During this time we will start experiencing extreme talent and skill shortages. It’s no longer possible for colleges to anticipate the needs of business 4-5 years in advance.

While the Internet is improving our ability to align the needs of business with the talent of individuals, our education systems have been built around “just-in-case thinking” which ends up being a poor fit for our “just-in-time business world.”

We are on the verge of seeing a whole new breed of AI-driven hyper-individualized learning platforms designed to sync up with each of our learning needs. As we apply AI to teacherbots, the new game will be to find the fastest way to teach students, whatever they need, whenever they need it!

Over time, AI’s will learn every students proclivity, idiosyncrasy, preferred tools, personal reference points, and how to keep them engaged and learning even in the face of distractions. These AIs will quickly learn what skills we’re proficient in, what skills we’re deficient in, and what’s needed to bring us up to speed.

Throughout this training curve, individual learning will begin to scale far faster than anything we’ve ever dreamed possible – 4X, 6X and perhaps even 10X faster than anything today.

For these reasons, the largest company on the Internet in 2030 will be an education-based company that we haven’t heard of yet! This remains the largest opportunity in the online world where no one has managed to crack the code.

For every technology, pre-covid success stories looked vastly different than the ones we’ll experience moving forward. Think of this as the end of our world as we know it and the beginning of something else.

Even in the darkest times of history, people of extraordinary character have lived among us, guiding us on a pathway to a better future. Now is one of those times. After all, during times of great chaos, comes great opportunities!

Buckle your seatbelts, it’s going to be a fascinating ride! Join Futurist Thomas Frey as he takes the audience on a journey into the future that few are likely to forget.