Alexander Auzan

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Economics, Dean

About speaker

Mr. Auzan graduated from Moscow State University and holds a Ph.D. in Economics. In the late 1980s, he took part in establishment of consumer protection associations and has been a Member of the Executive Bureau of the Council of Consumers International (worldwide consumers association). In 2005-2011 he was a President of Association of Russian Economic Think Tanks (ARETT).
Mr. Auzan was also a member of the President’s Commission for Modernization and Technological Development of Russian Economy and President's Council for Development of Civil Society and Human Rights. Nowadays he is a member of the Presidential Economic Council. He has written numerous papers on the modernization of Russia, national values, and the dynamics of a social contract. His applied work involves economic and development consulting for national and regional governments, including participation in development of “Strategy-2020” for Russia in 2011-2012.