Aleksei Belyakov

Skolkovo Foundation, Vice-President, Executive Director

About speaker

In 2003, Alexei graduated from the theoretical physics department of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, and in 2006 he graduated from the postgraduate studies at the department of General Physics and Wave Processes at the Physics Department of Moscow State University. Alexei has a PhD in physical mathematics. While being a post-graduate student, he was in charge of the project in the “Aktivnaja optika” company that manufactures high-precision optical elements for astronomical observations. In 2007 Alexei Belyakov started working in I2BF Global Ventures, a leading global technology investment firm. In 2009 Alexei became a partner and head of the Moscow company’s office, and in 2011 he was simultaneously appointed as the Investment Director of joint venture of VTB Capital - I2BF Innovation Partners. In I2BF Global Ventures Mr. Belyakov was responsible for making bargains in such areas as energy and resource efficiency, new materials, robotics, aerospace field. He played a crucial role in arranging and closing of more than 20 international deals, which were carried out in collaboration with leading venture (KPCB, Firelake Capital, Khosla Ventures) and strategic (BP ventures, Robert Bosch Venture partners, GE Ventures) partners. Two companies were successfully sold, one reached IPO.